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Based on the collective feedback we have recently received from Marina slipholders, the Port of Everett, working with our parking operator LAZ Parking, has made a few adjustments to the Marina Parking Program. These updates make some of the recent communications on parking out of date.

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Waterfront Parking Management Update
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As of January 2021
As you may recall, the Port of Everett conducted a nationwide solicitation for parking management services in 2019 and selected LAZ Parking to take over its site-wide parking management program. LAZ replaced the Port’s 2019 interim parking management firm Diamond Parking effective June 1, 2020. LAZ Parking is a nationally renowned parking firm with extensive experience in parking services for large-scale destinations and events, and they bring opportunities to implement new technologies and efficiencies to deliver a quality waterfront parking program that better balances the parking needs of all site uses, including slipholders and marine uses, on-site commercial businesses and restaurants, waterfront visitors and special events.

While initial communications had indicated parking policy updates and new technologies were expected to be implemented in 2020, including license plate reader (LPR) technology, digital parking permits and visitor parking fees, given the COVID-19 pandemic all major updates to the program were pushed out for phased implementation in 2021.

In January 2021, marina slipholders began applying for their new digital parking permit(s) via LAZ Parking, which effective May 1, replaced all physical parking permits. Slipholders were issued up to two (2) digital parking permits per slip that will be managed via LAZ Parking’s License Plate Reader technology. As a new benefit to digital parking permits, moorage holders can now provide license plate numbers for as many vehicles as they would like (so long as they the vehicle(s) are registered in their name or the name of a household dependent). Two of these registered vehicles can be parked within your designated marina parking permit zone at one time. Use of your digital parking permit(s) are limited to the marina basin in which your vessel is registered (South Docks, Central Docks or North Docks Parking).

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If you intend to park at the marina while you are on a trip that extends past 96 hours, you are eligible to register for long-term parking.

Slipholders are allowed long-term parking for 29 days in a calendar year in marina reserve parking areas at no additional cost.

This complimentary long-term parking slipholder benefit is in addition to the free 96-hour parking in your designated marina reserve parking area. If you have additional long-term parking intervals that extend past 29 days in a calendar year, you will need to park in the Visitor Parking as a long-term parker and pay applicable parking fee(s). We do this to assure everyone has access to the reserved parking that comes as a benefit of being a slipholder.


Marina Slipholder FAQs

No. Just as before, Marina visitors may park in designated Visitor Parking areas, which are conveniently located nearby all marina basins. Visitors may park for free up to two (2) hours (except in posted Special Event Parking) and may park longer with payment of applicable Visitor Parking rates.
Slipholder Parking Permits are provided to slipholders registered on the moorage contract or dependents of the registered slipholder who are living in the same household as the moorage contract holder.
Beginning May 1, 2021, long-term visitor parking options will be available in designated Visitor Parking zones up to 29 days; posted parking rates apply. This is a new benefit that allows visitors to park while they take trips on the boat with you. Please note that some Visitor Parking zones have posted time limits to cater to adjacent uses. Street parking is two (2) hours free with a maximum of four (4) hours (parking fee due for second two hours).
Contact LAZ Parking at or (425) 322-4623.
No. Just as before, if you are visiting another marina basin you will need to park in available Visitor Parking and would be subject to any applicable Visitor Parking fees. With your permit, you may continue to park up to 96-hours at a time within your authorized parking area. If you have vessels in more than one marina basin, please note that an additional digital parking permit will be needed for that parking area.