Pier 3 North/South

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first_cement_ship_2Pier 3 is one of two finger piers that provide ship berths of 650-feet on each side, with a total usable berth length of 1,300 feet. This pier was constructed in 1973 and was upgraded in 1992 and 1993. The facility is supported by 13 acres of paved upland storage, along with a bulk unloading facility.  


  • Two usable berths with lengths of 650 feet (198 meters) on each side
  • Depth at pier -40 MLLW (-12 meters)
  • 120 feet X 750 apron (37 X 229 meters)
  • Paved concrete deck and piling
  • 13 acres paved and lighted yard space
  • 55,000 ton bulk cement storage dome